Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NEVIS Debate

NEVIS Debate

Hello NEVISers,

We are planning to have a series of what we called" NEVIS Debates", the result of which we will publish in our future editions of NEVIS Review.
In our first debate, we ask your comments on the following question:
" All thing considered ( political, economic, social..), would you say, in general, Ethiopia is moving in the right direction?".
Your answer may be "Yes" or "No" or "Other".
As an independent magazine, we would like to present diverse view points. Hence, please send us, as an attachment in facebook, a 1-2 page reasoned account of why you said "yes" or "no" or "other" on or before August 10.If you are not active in facebook, you can alternately send us by our e-mail: editor.nevis@yahoo.com

Thank you.


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