Sunday, May 12, 2013


Info update

If you have articles or book reviews on political, economic, social issues affecting Ethiopia/Africa at large, please submit it to the editorial team for consideration for our 17th issue of NEVIS Review which will be out on May 20. The articles or book reviews may be in English or Amharic language, and you can either send us in facebook message as an attachment or via our e-mail:

The deadline for submission is MAY 17, 2013. A maximum of 2000 words OR 3-4 pages in Times New Roman, Font 12, is the submission guideline.
NB. Our Review is out not every Monday as some NEVISer seemed to expect, but each Monday after two weeks (every two weeks on Monday). Please promote NEVIS page for your friends so that more people will benefit out of the articles and knowledge database we aim to create.

Please note that we have already launched NEVIS as facebook page. Please "Like" and join the society. The following is the link to NEVIS page: