Sunday, July 7, 2013

General info: Submission Guidelines

General info: Submission Guidelines

We, the editorial team (ET*), would be very happy to receive articles from our readers and NEVISers.As an independent review, we want to present as diverse view points as possible as long as they are thoughtful and insightful and help NEVISers expand their knowledge and experience.The following are brief guidelines for submission. 

Language: The articles or book reviews to be submitted  for consideration by NEVIS editorial team may be either in English or Amharic language. They may take the form of scholarly research article, short notes, aphorisms, poems..

Topics: As an interdisciplinary review, we accept articles from every aspect-social, economic, political ,innovation and technology- that impact Ethiopia and other African countries, or the world at large

 Submission guidelines: Although we are flexible in our requirement, we prefer roughly 2000 words (in word count)  Or 3-4 pages in Times New Roman, Font 12 as a  standard the submission guideline. 

Submission Address: You can either send us in facebook message as an attachment or via our e-mail: