Saturday, July 6, 2013

NEVIS Review No 20 , Section III, Ref#20.3

NEVIS Review No 20
Section III
July7, 2013
Word of thanks from the founder and Editor-in-Chief of NEVIS, Danny Arku

"It is not easy to be good friends -when "friendship" is defined in purely social terms, that is, chatting, hanging out together, eating, drinking, having fun.
But it is even more difficult to be friends AND work together (as volunteers) for a noble cause, for an initiative, for some WORK, transcending superficial differences like language, religion, ethnicity,socioeconomic background which seem to divide men against one other.Therefore, following the second conception of "friendship", I would like to thank those friends and collaborators (editorial team members) of New Ethiopian Visionaries Independent Society - NEVIS .
I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for them for working with me, completely believing in the cause- which is an attempt to document and share thoughtful and serious analysis on Ethiopia/Africa and share that knowledge so as to inform and educate those interested in such analysis. Our honest and open debate every two weeks on the online conference before the next NEVIS issue on Monday is one thing I am always proud of.You have also always been willing to volunteer your time despite your tight schedule.
Thank you."
Danny Arku.
(To NEVIS ET*: Dawit Teferra, Mesfin Tekle Hallelujah Lulie, Hiwot Wendimagegn)
N.B I wrote the note to appear below few days ago. I thought it may be of relevance and of some importance in this connection to perhaps self-quote to convey my ideas to other NEVISers /intellectuals, as well.
“I think we, the new brand of emerging young Ethiopian intellectuals, should transcend ethnic,language, blood or other mystic and primitive grounds for loyalty and affiliation.Every thing has to give way to reason and facts, and be scrutinized as per the highest possible moral rectitude. Affiliation should be to an idea, to a program, to a cause/initiative that crosses ethnicity,and thereby makes ethnicity an irrelevant factor by transcending it. That must be our motto, not a parochial group or kin affiliation/ loyalty.Government should also discourage grouping based on ethnicity which creates a narrow exclusive ethnic enclaves "impermeable to reason" Danny Arku, June 28, 2013